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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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CHAPTER XXX The King and the Kiss
T HE next morning the sun rose so bright that Irene said the rain had washed his face and let the light out clean. The torrents were still roaring down the side of the mountain, but they were so much smaller as not to be dangerous in the daylight. After an early breakfast, Peter went to his work, and Curdie and his mother set out to take the prin­cess home. They had difficulty in getting her dry across the streams, and Curdie had again and again to carry her, but at last they got safe on the broader part of the road, and walked gently down towards the king's house. And what should they see as they turned the last corner, but the last of the king's troop riding through the gate!
" Oh, Curdie!" cried Irene, clapping her hands right joyfully, " my king-papa is come."
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