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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The King and the Kiss 295
joining in the praises of his courage and energy.
Curdie held his peace, looking quietly up in the king's face. And his mother stood on the outskirts of the crowd listening with delight, for her son's deeds were pleasant in her ears, until the princess caught sight of her.
" And there is his mother, king-papa!" she said. " See—there. She is such a nice mother, and has been so kind to me!"
They all parted asunder as the king made a sign to her to come forward. She obeyed, and he gave her his hand, but could not speak.
" And now, king-papa," the princess went on, " I must tell you another thing. One night long ago Curdie drove the goblins away and brought Lootie and me safe from the mountain. And I : promised him a kiss when we got home, but Lootie wouldn't let me give it h;m. I don't want you to scold Lootie, but I want you to tell her that a princess must do as she promises."
" Indeed she must, my child—except it be wrong," said the king. "There, give Curdie a kiss."
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