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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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302 The Princess and the Goblin
"We must set out at once," said the king. " But how to get at the horses!"
" Shall I see if we can manage that?" said Curdie.
" Do," said the king.
Curdie gathered the men-at-arms, and took them over the garden wall, and so to the stables. They found their horses in terror; the water was rising fast around them, and it was quite time they were got out. But there was no way to get them out, except by riding them through the stream, which was now pour­ing from the lower windows as well as the door. As one horse was quite enough for any man to manage through such a torrent, Curdie got on the king's white charger, and leading the way, brought them all in safety to the rising ground.
"Look, look, Curdie!" cried Irene, the mo­ment that, having dismounted, he led the horse up to the king.
Curdie did look, and saw, high in the air, somewhere about the top of the king's house, a great globe of light, shining like the purest silver.
"Oh!" he cried in some consternation, "that
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