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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Subterranean Waters 303
is your grandmother's lamp! We must get her out. I will go and find her. The house may fall, you know."
" My grandmother is in no danger," said Irene, smiling.
"Here, Curdie, take the princess while I get on my horse," said the king.
Curdie took the princess again, and both turned their eyes to the globe of light. The same moment there shot from it a white bird, which, descending with outstretched wings, made one circle round the king and Curdie and the princess, and then glided up again. The light and the pigeon vanished together.
"Now, Curdie," said the princess, as he lifted her to her father's arms, "you see my grand­mother knows all about it, and isn't frightened. I believe she could walk through that water and it wouldn't wet her a bit."
"But, my child," said the king, "you will be cold if you haven't something more on. Run, Curdie, my boy, and fetch anything you can lay your hands on, to keep the princess warm. We have a long ride before us."
Curdie was gone in a moment, and soon re-
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