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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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308 The Princess and the Goblin
to drain the water away from under the king's house, they were soon able to get into the wine cellar, where they found a multitude of dead goblins—among the rest the queen, with the skin-shoe gone, and the stone one fast to her ankle—for the water had swept away the barri­cade which prevented the men-at-arms from following the goblins, and had greatly widened the passage. They built it securely up, and then went back to their labours in the mine.
A good many of the goblins with their crea­tures escaped from the inundation out upon the mountain. But most of them soon left that part of the country, and most of those who remained grew milder in character, and indeed became very much like the Scotch Brownies. Their skulls became softer as well as their hearts, and their feet grew harder, and by degrees they be­came friendly with the inhabitants of the moun­tain and even with the miners. But the latter were merciless to any of the cobs' creatures that came in their way, until at length they all but disappeared.
The rest of the history of The Princess and Curdie must be kept for another volume.
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