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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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descendants have gone on believing with a touching faith. It is pretty, but not practical.
But what is pretty and practical too, is that all of us should sometimes let our fancy roam, and that we should laugh as well, even over a Fairy-story. Yet there are some serious-minded persons, very grave and very clever, who get angry if a smile so much as creeps into a Fairy-tale, and if our wonder should be disturbed by any­thing so worldly as a laugh. A Fairy-tale, they say, should be like an old Folk-tale, marked by sincerity and simplicity—as if humour cannot be sincere and simple too. " The true Fairy-story is not comic." Why not ? Of this we may be sure— take all the true humourless Fairy-stories and take " Alice "—and " Alice " with its fun and fancy will live beside them as long as English stories are read, loved for its fancy and its fun, and hugged and treasured for its jokes and its laughter. The one objection is this: the " true Fairy-story" appeals to all children, young and old, in all lands, equally, by translation ; and jokes and fun are sometimes difficult to translate. But that is on account of the shortcomings of language, and it is hard to make young readers suffer by starving them of fun, because the power of words is less absolute than the power of fancy in its merrier mood.
Some people, of course, take their Fairies very
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