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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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centuries before, was a true " fairy-seer." Here is a part of her story :—
" I used to spend a great deal of my time alone in our garden, and I think it must have been soon after my brother's death that I first saw (or per­haps recollect seeing) Fairies. I happened one day to break, with a little whip I had, the flower of a buttercup : a little while after, as I was resting on the grass, I heard a tiny but most beautiful voice saying, ' Buttercup, who has broken your house ?' Then another voice replied, ' That little girl that is lying close by you.' I listened in great wonder, and looked about me, until I saw a daisy, in which stood a little figure not larger, certainly, than one of its petals.
" When I was between three and four years old we removed to London, and I pined sadly for my country home and friends. I saw none of them for a long time, I think because I was discon­tented ; I did not try to make myself happy. At last I found a copy of Shakespeare in my father's study, which delighted me so much (though I don't suppose I understood much of it) that I soon forgot we were living where I could not see a tree or a flower. I used to take the book and my little chair, and sit in a paved yard we had. (I could see the sky there.) One day, as I was reading the ' Midsummer Night's Dream,' I
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