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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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fangled father" is justified in the eyes of his " new-fangled sons," who recognise that funda­mental truths—and such truths !—are not shaken by the on-coming tide of Time. And here, besides, you may learn what goes on on that other side of the moon which we never see, and what is its service to Man, and to Woman and Child as well. And for the first time in the history of romance we discover what it was that the Sleeping Beauty dreamt. And there are stories of other kinds— with a touch of pathos, too.
Story-telling is the oldest of the arts—the art of which we never tire—the art which will be out­lived by none other, however fascinating, however beautiful, however perfect. It may deal with human thought and human passion ; it may appeal to the highest intellect and the profoundest senti­ments of men; or just to the brightest and dreamiest fancy of the young. Be it but well told, even though it does not stir our emotions, the little story delights the imagination, and makes us grateful to the teller for an hour well spent or pleasantly whiled away. That is the greatest reward of the writer, as jt is the sole ambition of the author of these little tales.
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