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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" / know !" exclaimed Dulcie after a moment's silence, drawing her brother away from the melan­choly amusement of tracing down the trailing drops with his finger until they disappeared mysteriously at the bottom of the glass. " I know ! Let's play * Birds, Beasts, and Fishes.' "
Cyril cast a lingering look at the tiresome dark clouds, then with a sigh and a frown turned round in token of consent, graciously suffered himself to be settled at the table with paper and pencil, and was soon excitedly trying to guess what Dulcie's Bird could be that began with the letter c, had four between, and ended with an c.
k' It's very easy, really," pleaded Dulcie, burning to tell. " Do you give it up ?"
Cyril wasn't so easily beaten as that, and thought till he grew impatient.
" Shall I tell you ?—Let me tell you ! " urged his sister.
" If you like," he replied magnanimously.
" Canare !"
" I'm sure it's spelt with a ?/," he said, as if he weren't quite certain in spite of his words.
They argued who should score the mark, and settled the point by counting it a draw. She fol­lowed it up with a Fish, which was s, two between, and an /, which puzzled Cyril until he found, of course, that it was " soul."
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