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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Believing he had lost again, he allowed his interest in the game to flag, and still restless, he ran to the window.
" Hooray! it's fine now," he cried. " Come along, we don't want hats ! "
44 Ought we to go, do you think, Cyril, without asking ?"
" I'm not going to ask, not if I know it. We would be sure to be 4 don't'-ed. I'm going out. It's so stuffy here. You can do as you like."
44 If you go, I shall go too," she replied quickly, following him and taking his hand. He didn't quite like that, but he felt, as she was 44 only a woman," he would let her.
Away they ran lightly, out into the sunshine, happy to be in the warm, scented air, through the garden, off to the dear old rocks which were already drying nicely, and at once a fine game of hide-and-seek was in full swing.
Dulcie had gone again to hide, and Cyril had his face buried in his hands, waiting for the familiar 44 Cuckoo!" when he was startled instead by a faint cry of surprise, followed by "Cyril, come quick! Quick!"
44 It must be a beetle or a toad, or something," he said to himself as he hurried to the spot from which her voice seemed to come; but it was only after she had repeated her excited cries that he found her at last.
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