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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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stared at the neatly engaved brass plate below it, which bore the words :
Knock if an answer is required. If not, why ?
" I'm going to knock," said Cyril.
" Oh no, we don't want any answer," said Dulcie, " so why do it ?"
A backward glance at the steps puzzled her, for they had grown steeper than before and impossible to climb down again, or up, for the matter of that, and the door before which they stood was now at such a height from the ground as to make her feel giddy to look below. She hardly had time to think about it when Cyril raised the knocker and let it go. Instead of the usual sound a knocker makes, a loud laugh rang out, discordant and disconcerting. "You needn't be frightened," he remarked, for his little sister hung back and tightened her grasp of his arm. The next moment the door swung open and there stood on the thres­hold a very tall man with an enormous bald head. He was clad in a yellow satin dressing-gown, and wore great smoke-coloured spectacles.
" So you've come to see the Wizard," he said blandly. " Pray walk in ! "
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