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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" How do you do ?" said the Wizard, as if he remembered he had forgotten to ask. The Twins shyly shook hands with him and said they were quite well, thank him. They didn't want to a bit, but he seemed to expect it. " Let's talk matters over," he added with a smile. It was such a winning smile that the children began to feel less uncomfortable. "You're not always quite content, I believe," and he rubbed his hands cheerfully together. " That mother of yours interferes rather too much, eh ?" With a rapid movement he pushed his spectacles away on to the top of his bumpy baldness, revealing a pair of small eyes with a red, slumbering glow in them.
As Cyril didn't reply Dulcie ventured to re­mark, " If you please, my brother thinks she says ' don't' too often."
" But how do you know that ?" interrupted Cyril, who, though surprised, took a more practical view of the situation.
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