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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Because," slowly replied the Wizard, taking off his spectacles and scratching his big nose with them—" because I was an optician in my youth and made these glasses, through which I have only to look to see people as they really are and not what they appear to be. [" How clever !" broke in Dulcie under her breath.] I found out at a glance that you are discontented with your lot, and prefer to be free. You are tired of control, eh ? Isn't that the state of Home Affairs ?':
" Yes," said Cyril, once more full of his wrongs. " It's only children who are not allowed to do what they want. Grown-ups do as they like; so does our dog; he goes out and comes in when he likes, eats when he wants, leaves what he likes— or rather, what he doesn't like; so does our cat. You see," he continued, growing quite chummy, " we are never allowed to do this, that, and the other, like other people—animals, I mean—and they are free and happy, and they needn't bother with lessons. It's so stupid being a child!" he concluded plaintively, and Dulcie nodded a similar opinion.
" Just as I thought. Well, I shouldn't put up with it if I were you," replied their new friend, smiling again, and scratching his nose with his spectacles in his thoughtful, insinuating manner. " I should advise you to go your own way, seek
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