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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Don't be such a Billy," retorted Cyril with a frown ; " the fishes are used to being drowned."
After Noah went into the Ark and had shut the door, the gloom reappeared. The show was over.
"That's a little idea of my own," remarked the Wizard as he put the machine away. " Amusing, isn't it?"
The Twins nodded. Then he invited the chil≠dren to look through a hole in the wall of the cave, and they saw a small room.
" That's my hospitable bedroom," he said, " that I've endowed myself with. When I'm down in the mumps from being crouped up here so long, I go there and wrap myself up in thoughts all nice and smug. It is fitted with the epileptic light, rheumatic bells, and all the latest infections.
" Now, what were we talking about before ? Ah yes ! My inventions. None of your modern up-to-date rubbish, only inventions of the future for me. None of your wireless telephony and wire≠less telegraphy for me. Listen to this." He called outó
" Number A. 1. Sea Power! Have you been successful in that last little financial venture, Sire ?"
There were rushing sounds, as of waves, at the far end of the cave, and a muffled voice repliedó
" No, Cabalistic One, I have lost again. Just
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