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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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my luck ! Dash—sh—sh—" which resolved itself into the swish-swish of rolling surf. Then all was quiet again.
" The reply of a friend of mine residing far away at a place called * The Billows,'' explained the Wizard in an offhand way. " I help him in his little transactions, which are sometimes rather—in fact very— ! " and raising his arm he smothered a laugh in his yellow satin sleeve which was not pleasant to hear. " I always like to laugh up there," he ex­plained, as the children looked surprised.
Dulcie's hand stole into her brother's and she whispered him to " Come away, come away, do, quick, and let's go home."
" Bug you haven't seen any of my marvellous jewellery yet," replied their host, as though she had spoken aloud.
" Don't be timid"—he was looking at them through those horrid spectacles again, which laid bare all their thoughts. " You know I am only answering that knock of yours. Had you not re­quired an answer, there would have been no infor­mation forthcoming. I should just like to show you these bracelets I have here." He pushed his glasses across his baldness and took two jewelled golden circlets out of a satchel which hung from the cord of his gown. " Other children have taken great interest in them," said the Wizard slowly—
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