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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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that my faithful Brook would not see them twice. So they came for help in their last shapes as animals. Oh !" he added, pulling himself up with evident pretence, " I helped them right enough ! They should have kept a pair of catseyes—I warned them—and they might have crossed my Brook in some other shape than their own and changed to themselves the other side. But somehow they were not fortunate enough to manage that. Some people are so thoughtless. Pray excuse me, my dears, there's some one at the knocker," and throw­ing the bracelets into a corner where they glittered strangely, the Wizard vanished.
" Come away, do come away," implored Dulcie, plucking at her brother's sleeve. "I'm so fright­ened," she whimpered. " Don't touch them. Oh ! I want to go home."
" But, sis, you heard what he said. We can't cross his horrid brook twice whilst we are under ten. Crying won't help," replied the boy sturdily. Nevertheless, he looked terribly frightened himself, although he patted her shoulder comfortingly. " I feel I must! " he muttered ; " besides, it's our only way out of here, and get out of here we must, and escape in some other shape."
Cyril hastily picked up the bracelets, put one on his wrist and the other on Dulcie's, and taking her by the hand dragged her right into the gloomy
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