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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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part of the cavern farther and farther away from the hateful dwelling and its awful master. He couldn't tell where he was leading her, but he ran blindly on until at last there was daylight in the distance. And the Twins found themselves sur­rounded by haystacks, windmills, and other country objects.
" Ah ! " exclaimed Cyril with delight, " see how I've saved you, Dulcie ! "
"And a good job too," she replied with con­viction.
So they wandered gaily on, laughing at anything and everything in the happiness of their escape. They were happy, anyhow ; happy in their absolute freedom. And were they not in the possession, too, of the precious bracelets which were going to lead them into all sorts of delightful adventures as soon as they chose ! They could talk of nothing else—and babbled on of how they would cross the brook as animals, and how they would be wiser than all the other poor creatures, by keeping a gem in reserve and change to themselves on the other side.
Little could they guess of the troubles and ad­ventures that awaited them!
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