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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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The children had been so busy chattering of fun to come, that it was all of a sudden they realised they were in a glade which looked quite enchant­ing, and with so many daisies about that Dulcie wanted to sit down and weave those they gathered into a chain.
" Don't wait for that," said Cyril; " carry them in my handkerchief."
But when he felt in his pockets the handkerchief was not there. He must have dropped it. Dulcie proposed that they should retrace their steps, but sweet sounds of innumerable birds came from the high trees around and filled the air—and they stayed to listen to the concert of trills, chirrups, gentle call-notes, cadences, and bursts of tremu­lous song. And now, against the deep blue sky hovered what looked like a cloud which suddenly separated and descended, and the Twins found themselves face to face with a most lovely being, surrounded by a ring of exquisite little creatures, who danced to the continuous music of the Wood
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