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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" It must be if we keep that last change as we arranged."
From the trees now issued forth sweet wood-birds of many kinds—the air was thick with them ; they circled three times round the fairy ring and then all flew away, and the children were once more alone.
" Wasn't that beautiful ? Ah ! " sighed Dulcie, looking after them, " I wish I could be one of them and sing like them."
Hardly were the words out of her mouth when Cyril began to stare about in amazement. His sister was nowhere to be seen. Her disappearance was so rapid that the earth might have swallowed her up.
" Dulcie, Dulcie," he cried. " Wherever are you ? Come back at once when I tell you ! "
Nothing stirred in the stillness except the waving branches of the tall trees—and a little bird that came and perched upon his shoulder and began softly to trill into his ear what meant nothing to him. He stroked its smooth plumage. His hand touched something hard around its throat. He parted the feathers and found—a golden circlet set with catseyes, one of which was missing.
" Oh ! " he exclaimed. " It's her ! "
He was too flustered to talk grammar. " How fearfully quick the change came about—only just
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