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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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a slight hint like that! I say! We shall have to look out! I wonder how you like it, you pretty little bird ! I wish I could understand those chirp­ing sounds!"
Instantly he became like her — a lark. He understood her at once, and the pair flew away, singing gaily as they rose together, fluttering up and up, soaring high and ever higher into the blue azure of the cloudless sky.
Never was there such a blissful sensation as that, flying heavenwards to the music of their own making. Dancing at a party to the accompani­ment of a piano was mere ordinary child's play compared to the invigorating delight of this new experience. The earth looked like a map, and they realised now what was meant by a " bird's-eye view." After a time, still singing, they dropped quickly down to earth. Then Cyril led the way into the Wood, where they perched in one of the highest trees; and they hopped about, scanning their surroundings, and awaiting the visits of other little feathered inhabitants whose acquaintance they expected to make. In the meantime they gleaned various scraps of news from certain twitterings in the adjoining branches, some of which they clearly overheard.
And it came as a shock that these twitterings were mostly complaints about the scarcity of pro-
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