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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Their happiness seemed complete, when a sud­den sense of horror struck them both at the same moment, and hardly had they realised it when they noticed something very large which had been poised above swooping towards them, striking terror into their souls as it came. It was a sparrow-hawk, and death was upon them. Instinctively they swerved out of its terrible course, and commenced a series of short, zig-zag flights, their eyes starting nearly out of their little heads with fright. The enemy was strong on the wing and remorseless in purpose. The poor larks, with hearts fluttering wildly, were becoming feeble and less alert. The next second the hawk would seize one of its prey. The little bird gave an agonised chirp, dropped like a stone to the ground, and changed into Dulcie, affrighted and panting for breath. She looked anxiously up­wards. Her pursuer, baulked, turned and darted upon its second quarry. Too late! Cyril had taken the strong hint, had also Wished, and now stood in safety on the ground beside her.
"Come on!" he shouted to the surprised and baffled enemy. " Come on now, and I'll wring your ugly neck ! "
But the bird didn't wait to accept his polite invitation; and a moment later it was out of sight, and out of mind, and the children
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