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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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found they were again alone in the beautiful glade.
" I don't want to be a bird any more," said Dulcie when she had recovered her composure.
" No, it's too risky," admitted her brother. " When that big dark thing came in sight there was so little time to think what to do. That second, too," he added with a shudder, " when I thought the brute had got you, was too awful!"
She felt quite important now at having gone through such peril.
" I could never have imagined that birds had such a lot to put up with," mused Cyril as they walked on—" hunger and suffering, with the risk any moment of being gobbled up !"
" There ought to be some one to take care of the poor things," remarked Dulcie. " If it hadn't been for the catseyes we should have been eaten up and ended like that." She glanced at the bracelet on her wrist and added, with a timid look at her brother, "It seems safer as we are."
" Bosh ! " he rejoined. " We want adventures. That's what we're going for—and freedom. We had a ripping time as larks—till the end. It cer­tainly wasn't very comfortable then."
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