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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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prickly porcupine. Halloa! Wherever have you all got to ?"
Out of humour, he looked right and left. They were nowhere to be seen. " I hope she will soon come to her senses!" he muttered. " It isn't much fun being left like this."
He lay down on his back to await her, and kicked up his legs in the air as a pastime, whilst the tall trees above him waved their upper branches in the breeze. His glittering1 bracelet caught his attention, causing his thoughts to drift on adven­tures past and to come. He looked harder at it, and becoming concerned he carefully counted the missing catseyes. He had only wished to be a lark, and to be himself. Yet three were gone! The two first—and the last one! " Could this," he asked himself, " be some dreadful trick of the Wizard's—likely to occur at the last ?" Cyril turned pale at the possibility. " Or could that last one have become loose and got lost ?" he pondered. If so, he realised that it must be found. The thought about the Wizard worried him. He was uneasy, too, about Dulcie, and sat up eagerly listening for her coming, and wonder­ing what he had better do.
Meanwhile, our little mole had groped its way to a hole whence could be heard sounds of a quaint voice. It was that of the Porcupine saying pretty
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