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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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poetry softly to the accompaniment of a slow musical titter.
" I'm a brave and dashing Porcupine— Strong, elegant, and dandy ; And you a Hedgehog, bright as wine,
And sweet as sugar-candy. Dear Hedgehog fair, say you'll be mine And wed the dandy Porcupine !
Dear Hedgehog—bright as currant-wine, Take me—as strong as brandy, Be Mrs. Porcupine, I pray— I've begged so often—don't say nay— Be Mrs. Porky, sweet and jolly. Nay—titter not, Or off I'll trot And straightway marry Molly."
" Ah!" he observed after a long pause, during which the Hedgehog had remained silent and had never moved a quill in response, " There goes Molly the Mole !"
Molly the Mole, who had distracted his attention, heeded him not, but went and struck up an acquain­tance with the little stranger in the hole close by. For some time they remained in close conversation. It was not at all an amusing conversation, as Dulcie explained later, and she was not sorry when the danger of a horse's hoofs galloping nearly on top of them caused them to run off. They got separated, and Dulcie was glad to bring herself again into the
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