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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Now Dulcie had also taken the short cut into the Town, and was just going to enter a large garden in order to rest her weary limbs after her useless chase, when the boy and monkey attracted her attention and she stopped. She would have laughed, so comic was the sight, but filled with concern at a rough jerk she cried: " Oh, please don't. You'll hurt it. Do let it go ! "
" Let go, signorina ? Ah no ! Me take care never risk no more. No Jacko, then poor Pietro starve. Just you watch him, then give poor Pietro penny. Now, Jacko, we're 'ungry."
Had Dulcie only known the monkey was not Jacko, but Cyril, she would have been still more concerned. The lad turned the handle of the instrument, and to its cracked tune she was amused to see the monkey take off its hat with a jerky movement, replace it, dance about, salute, and perform other antics in the most approved and undignified manner.
The boy pulled his forelock. After much fumbling Dulcie found a penny and gave it to him. A sunny smile was on his swarthy face as he said " Grazia ! " He kissed the monkey affec­tionately, and putting it in the inner pocket of his ragged coat, moved away.
And the monkey, peering out of that pocket, blinked twice so meaningly at Dulcie that she
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