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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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black cat sprang on the seat beside her, frightening her very much. There was a terrified shriek—a gratified Wish—and Cyril found himself on a bench next Dulcie with a great hound clinging to his sailor collar at the back.
With a cry of fear she helped him in his struggles to get free; the animal, astonished and abashed, slunk away with its tail between its legs, and the brother and sister fell into one another's arms. Never before had they known how fond they were of one another—for never had they been so pleased to meet again.
" I waited so patiently," said Dulcie ; she didn't add anything about thoughts of a friendly police­man, but inquired quickly—
" Do you know you've lost your catseye ?'
He nodded and grinned.
" Have you got it ?"
He parted his lips. It was between his teeth. He pressed it back into the empty setting of his bracelet, saying—
" I'd no time to wish sooner. I'll never set Towser to chase our poor little Miranda again, you bet! How horrid it must be to be a permanent cat!"
" However did you get it back ? "
" Hallo ! Hi! " was all she got in answer, and the next moment he was pommelling into, and being pommelled by, a lanky youth.
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