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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I'll teach you — to shy stones — at a — poor defenceless—cat," gasped Cyril, hitting out right and left, his face scarlet, and his hair all ruffled. How they did go for one another ! First one was down and the other on top; then the pair, all legs and arms, were the other way up ; then they rolled together over and over, till at last Cyril had won a brilliant victory before he allowed Dulcie to drag him away from the defeated adversary, who, as soon as he was free, slunk off miserably, with one hand to his eye and his handkerchief to his nose.
" I'm all right," exclaimed Cyril, in answer to her anxious inquiry, shaking himself into order. "That was a lark ! No — I'm not hurt, not really. Served him jolly ! "
Dulcie noticed that he had a lump on his forehead from the fray.
" I'm glad you won the fight with that boy, but I don't know what it was about one little bit. And, Cyril, aren't these adventures rather too—too dangerous, don't you think ?'"
" Of course they're not, they're awfully jolly."
" Now tell me all about it from the very begin­ning," said his sister as they strolled off together. So Cyril gave her a spirited record of his adven­tures whilst she listened eagerly, anxious not to miss a single word.
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