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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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bering my first idea I changed into a cat, calmly sat down on the inner side of some area railings, and peered through to watch the fun."
" Yes, and what happened then ? " interrupted Dulcie excitedly.
" Well, you never saw such a face as that boy's when he found the monkey's coat and hat on the ground without any monkey inside of them ! He said some foreign words and commenced running about hunting for me everywhere, whilst I trotted off before his very eyes. Ha, ha, ha !':
His sister pealed witli laughter and delight.
" As quickly as possible I reached the big house where I had seen the girl with the red hair go in after she had picked up my catseye."
" I saw her pick it up, too," broke in Dulcie.
But Cyril went on: " The windows were still open. I jumped up from the balcony on to a stone ledge, and then by good luck right into the bedroom of that bothersome young lady. She was reading a book. We did startle one another!
" * Oh, you darling sweet pussikins!' she said. ' Ah,' I thought, ' not so darling as all that. And the next moment I was lifted clumsily on to her lap and stroked and patted, whilst I looked anxiously around for my catseye in the intervals— when she wasn't kissing my nose, which was dis­turbing and uncomfortable, and girls do like kissing
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