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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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thought I'd make myself scarce, so I tore off, and as they were on my track I simply cut. I flew along the muddy streets with the whole pack at my heels, with shouts and laughter ringing in my ears, scampering past them, past houses, past traffic, whizzing along for my life with the barking din and the pattering feet always following. At last, as a last hope, I dodged round, doubled back, the noise stopped, and I took refuge in a quiet garden, awfully puffed, and jumped on a seat next some one resting there."
" Me," said Dulcie, with a sigh of relief.
" Yes, I found it was you, Sis. I Wished, and you're a trump, for I was tired, and you rid me of that big dog." Dulcie glowed with pride and pleasure at that. " I never knew, though, that that brute was following me. Fortunately for me he gripped hold of the bracelet round my neck."
" How well you tell a story, Cyril," she said simply.
Cyril smiled contentedly. " That's nothing."
Then she inquired anxiously: " Do you think it was the Wizard's trick, that losing of the stone ?"
" P'raps," replied Cyril musingly. " He's quite ugly enough for anything. But I don't think so," he added reassuringly ; " it must have been an acci­dent—got loose, or something."
Dulcie's mind being eased, she then told her own story as a mole. She couldn't remember the
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