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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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Porcupine's verses exactly, but she repeated what she could, and they had a good laugh over them;— before, she had been blind to the fun in them. " I repeated them to Molly," continued Dulcie, rippling over with fun, " and she was so offended she vowed she'd never marry him. So I cured him of his vanity—and serve him right!"
" But why did the Hedgehog titter ? That was what you wanted to find out, wasn't it ?" asked Cyril.
" I suppose it was expecting the Porcupine's verses."
" Suppose ? "
" I forgot to ask."
Cyril expressed his opinion that she had been a softy, that those creatures weren't worth while chumming up with, and they couldn't have much sense, and it didn't matter, after all, what they thought or did.
" I shan't tell you any more, then," replied Dulcie, offended.
" Yes, do," begged Cyril, curious to know the end. So after he had begged three times, she gave way, and informed him she was glad never to have been born a mole, for Molly was in terribly low spirits and had apologised for them, but the reason was because all her family's skins had been taken off their backs in order to keep fashionable ladies
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