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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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from taking cold—as these ladies seemed to think that it was a prettier and warmer skin than their own. And Molly hourly expected each moment to be her last—and advised her new-found friend to prepare for the same fate—which was all very terrifying. "So I made haste to wish to be my own self again," concluded Dulcie.
Cyril made her promise faithfully never again to run off like a mole or anything else, which—being only too anxious to avoid another separation—she willingly did.
" The poor animals," she remarked earnestly, " all seem so helpless. There's no one ever to take their part or help them."
" Ah, you think that because we've not yet changed into something really great," answered Cyril with conviction.
" What a gloomy looking place we've come to ! I was so interested listening and talking, I didn't notice the way we've come," broke in his sister, gazing at what appeared like a Jungle in front of them. " Surprising how we got here, isn't it ? "
" I never noticed either, but it'll do beautifully," replied the boy, quite satisfied.
" But it doesn't seem very nice to be a Beast," argued Dulcie reflectively, her thoughts harking back ; " somehow it's so unpeaceful."
" I tell you that's because we haven't tried
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