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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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anything great," repeated her brother with an emphatic movement of his hand and a decided toss of his head. " If" he said, and hesitated—" if we were lions " (he waited, then finding they were both as they were he went on, reassured), "then we would know what it is to rule everybody, keep our friends in order, and eat up our enemies."
" But I don't want to eat up any one," protested Dulcie. " I think it would be very disagreeable."
" I should think it must taste rather nice—they like it. Besides, one never knows till one tries," remarked her brother. " I want to be a lion ! !"
At once the King of Beasts confronted Dulcie. With a shriek she tore away as fast as her small feet could scamper. Then she changed her mind. And as a lioness, full of courage, she rejoined him.
Grand beasts they were as they bounded into the Jungle with a mighty roar. Startled creatures hurried out of their path, and the very landscape appeared insignificant in their presence. Monarchs of all they surveyed! This at last was splendid freedom.
At a river, sparkling like glass in the burning sun, they stopped and slaked their thirst, lapping up the water greedily. Then they turned again into the tangle of vegetation and laid themselves down to rest.
Purring with delight in the hot sunshine, they
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