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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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It was only when they reached a meadow full of wild flowers, and the Twins, worn out with their long run, lay down to rest, that Dulcie remarked with a sigh of relief—
" We never do seem to be so safe as when we are us!"
" We won't be Birds nor Beasts any more," replied Cyril. " Hark! What's that snoring so loud ?"
" It's not snoring. I believe it's the waves!" Saying which Dulcie jumped up and Cyril did the same. The children found the meadow they were in was on a cliff, and that below were far-reaching sands, and in the distance heaved the glorious deep blue sea.
They clapped their hands and danced with delight, and when that performance was over they carefully descended the steps cut in the face of the cliff which led down to the shore.
Very soon their shoes and stockings were slung round their necks, and they were running over the
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