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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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hot sand to where the wavelets came rippling to meet their little feet.
So immersed were they in paddling that it was a little time before they noticed some one sitting amongst the rocks which peeped out of the surface of the ocean a short distance away. A hand was beckoning to them, and thinking it might be some one who wanted help, Cyril declared he would go to the rescue, and began to wade towards the spot.
Dulcie, fearful of his going alone, and not wishing to be left behind in the adventure, hurried next to him. The current was rather strong and the water got deeper as they went; but they didn't think of their clothes (which were no longer wholly dry), but only of the rescue. When they reached the rocks they found to their surprise a very quaint figure calmly seated there, who motioned them in a very grand manner to a place on each side of him. " Pray be seated. Good morning!"
" Good morning ! " exclaimed the visitors politely, taking the places indicated.
"Good afternoon!" said the Fish-King. "Do you mind holding my crown one moment, my dear ?"
Dulcie took it with awe. He was a very fine gentleman indeed, and the two children couldn't
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