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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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help staring at him as he smoothed his hair in silence. He was short and stout, in a costume not unlike that of Harlequin in the pantomime, only the colouring was green and blue. His goggle green eyes and wide, down-drawn mouth made him look comically like a carp, whilst the pointed wisp of white beard on his chin and the four long white hairs he was winding round his bald head were not really an improvement to his appearance.
" Thank you kindly, my dear," he said as he took his crown and put it on. It was beautifully made, entirely of the loveliest small shells, and when he wore it he looked every inch just what he happened to be.
In spite of his queer face, the two visitors felt quite at ease with him, and were sure that with such a pleasant voice, too, he must be very nice indeed.
"What are you King of?r inquired Dulcie with a friendly smile.
" Of the fish," he answered, patting her cheek. " I'm right glad to see you."
Suddenly remembering, the little couple at once donned their shoes and stockings as a sign of respect.
" It's very healthy, I suppose," remarked Dulcie, " living out at sea like this ?"
" I suppose so, my lady," answered the Fish-
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