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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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King drily. Dulcie liked being called " my lady." " Except," he continued thoughtfully, " for an occasional attack of shingles I don't ail much." Then turning to Cyril he asked : " How's that old rascal of a Wizard ? laughing in his dressing-gown, eh ?"
" I'm sorry I don't know, your Majesty," replied the boy, surprised at the question and the way it was put.
" You will soon get to know me. I only hope you may not be disappointed. You certainly wouldn't have been disappointed with my an­cestor."
" Who's your ancestor ?" asked Dulcie bluntly. " Was he a King-fisher too ?"
" Not at all. He was Neptune."
" Where did he live ?"
" In Imagination."
" Where's that ? "
Cyril raised his eyebrows at her lack of manners.
"You turn to the right," answered his Majesty patiently, with a gesture that way, " follow your nose, mount a hill north of the Fore Head, and there you are. See ?"
The Twins couldn't think what answer to make —though he seemed to expect one—so they gave a little nervous laugh.
" Just see, there's a dear boy," said the Fish-
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