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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Wonderful thing water pressure !" remarked the Fish-King. Then, helping them off the rocks, he added with a gracious wave of the hand, " Welcome to my Domain!" And the Twins bowed so prettily that he appeared much gratified.
" Ah !" he said, taking them by the hand and stopping still, "I see Fido. Fido, Fido!" At his call a fine dog-fish came forward at a fast swim ; and its head was patted graciously, whilst its tail wagged with contentment. " Now," resumed his Majesty, " we'll go to the Revels ;" and they pro­ceeded at a smart walk as buoyantly through the clear water as through air.
The sea-scape was perfectly beautiful, but as the Fish-King once more seemed deep in melancholy, the Twins gazed silently around. They were evidently walking along the King's Road, for it was wide enough to walk three abreast; the sand was so fine and glittering that it looked like gold dust; the path was bordered by exquisite shells. On either side were gardens of variegated anemones. Here and there an old sodden boot lay about un­tidily, at which the Fish-King frowned and looked uneasy. They passed oyster beds, where, besides oysters, all sorts of fish, large and small, were fast asleep, breathing heavily with their mouths wide open. Now and again a squadron of lobsters or jelly-fish would confront them, and respectfully
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