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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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bothered about the slump ! One would think Sea­weed safe enough for a vested interest, surely. From all accounts, they must have been cooked— softly, too, in the bargain! Can you make it out, my dears ?"
The Twins couldn't understand it at all, and shook their heads quite emphatically over the matter.
" Now, let's go abaft," suggested his Majesty. He rose, and looked at them with a ray of cheer­fulness. " We'll watch the Water Sports. I revel in them when they are good—usually they go bad."
The children readily agreed. " It's lucky you happened to come on my birthday," he continued, " for you may be amused. Here's a list of the dif­ferent Courses," and he took up a Menu from the table : " they'll race through them like old boots ! "
" Do they race better than new ones ?" in­quired Cyril.
" They've more experience," replied his Majesty. " What is about to begin," he said quite gaily as they followed him up the gangway, " is—let me see ; ah yes—' Turtle Mocked.' Now just look at Fido" —he leaned over the side, the Twins did likewise. " He's turning turtle !" And the three watched with approval the antics of the dog-fish as he turned his somersaults; and they applauded this first item on the programme.
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