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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Next Innings ! " shouted his Majesty. " Fish balls bowled," he read from the Menu. And taking their plaice, a game of cricket began. " They think they can play," he whispered, " and that is the way I humour them, or they might begin to cry, and I hate anything that reminds me of blubber. But how can any one in their senses imagine plaice fielding at slip ? Why, they don't know cricket from a bat—nor never will at this rate, I should think."
" Once in London, we saw such a lot of fish in the big shops there," volunteered Dulcie in a burst of confidence. The next moment she wished she hadn't spoken, for Cyril was frowning at her and shaking his head. She glanced timidly at the Fish-King. He evidently didn't mind, for he merely re­marked with a sigh : " Ah dear ! One of these days my poor subjects will be sucked from the sea through a 2d. tube, straight to Billingsgate—I suppose that'll be the time for slumps and no mis­take !"
" I suppress the Sole and Eel Course!" he cried suddenly. There was a great stir in the water at this intimation. "It's a dance," he muttered. " Let's get on with the Cod Stakes." He put down the Menu and threw overboard some nets and fish­ing tackle. Then began a highly amusing exhibition by old fish showing the young ones how to nibble the bait without taking the hook, and if taken by
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