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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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some mischance, how to get unhooked—how to avoid the nets, and other life-saving dodges which his Majesty explained to the astonished Twins.
But hardly had he finished when a fat young gurnet who was taking part in the sports did get hooked, and clumsily extricating himself went off leaving a thin red track behind him.
" The poor thing is hurt!" exclaimed Dulcie.
" Oh no," said the King ; " a herring-bone stitcli is all that's necessary."
" I know how to do that," replied Dulcie, " but I thought it was only used to make dress things look pretty; I never heard of it for mending fish." The excitement continued unabated.
When the revels were over, the little strangers expressed their enjoyment of the birthday party, and thought perhaps they ought to be saying good-bye. Their kind host wouldn't hear of their going yet—they hadn't even seen the Cable which he was just going to visit.
" Who's won the prizes ?" asked Cyril as they got off the ship.
" I have," replied his Majesty.
" Not the winners of the races and of the sports ?" said the boy, in amazement.
" They can't expect to win the races and win the prizes too. / have won the prizes."
" What have you won, your Worship ?"
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