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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" I forget," he answered vaguely. " I've won so many in all these years, and they get so mis-laidó for all the world like addled eggs !"
" But you've only justó" commenced Cyril.
"Don't tease," said Dulcie, pulling at her brother's sleeve. And so the matter dropped.
Whilst Cyril and the Fish-King were talking about the price the crown might fetch were he obliged to part with it on account of his recent financial losses, Dulcie was so busy admiring the beautiful creatures swimming about, that she stumbled and fell before her companions could warn her that the Cable was lying in her path. She was soon up, and it was the Fish-King now who was lying prone on the ground, but his at≠titude was intentional; he was listening intently. At a sign from him they did likewise. The bil≠lows overhead were lashing up the spray, and through the rushing sound could be vaguely heard: "Number A. 1. Sea Power! Has that nice little venture proved successful, Sire ?"
It was the Wizard's voice. The Twins stared at one another with startled eyes.
" No, thou Cabalistic One," shouted the Fish-King, and got up with an impatient sigh, so he didn't hear what sounded like the echo of mock≠ing laughter which the children recognised before they rejoined him. " Some one's at the bottom of
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