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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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that business, I'll be bound," he grumbled. " I'm afraid I'm too green, and ye gods and little fishes alone know how I manage to be, for I've a fit of the blues often enough," and he glanced at the garment he wore. " Now come and inspect my Workhouse." He led them away in silence to a small lugger, also wrecked, commandeered by his Majesty.
" What a lot of residences you have, Sire," remarked Dulcie timidly, realising the situation.
" One must, if one is a royalty," he replied. " I have even more than the German Emperor. I've one for eating in. One for thinking in. One for not thinking in. And a host of others. There is one which takes me eighteen hours to reach, where I go at cradle time, where the waves hush me to sleep with their lullaby—you have heard it— ' Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep,' eh ?"
" Yes, yes," assented the Twins readily.
His glum face slightly relaxed, then he continued: " It's always a matter of interest to me when my ship comes home. I don't whistle for it; I squall for it. Look out for squalls, for I feel restless, and in my family carping is our form of humour."
Once inside the cabin of the lugger the Fish-King took an immense ruler, and sitting upon the table in front of a high heap of foolscap began ruling one wave after another. Absorbed
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