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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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So her brother, to change the subject, drew her attention to an eel that was trying to turn head over .... wriggling in a very upside down fashion. Tired of watching it, they lay chest downwards, and, supporting themselves on their elbows, kicked up their own heels.
"Do you believe there is such a thing as a Sea-serpent, little Sis ?" inquired Cyril lazily.
" I believe there are sometimes, when they are in season."
" Well, I can tell you there are not. And the only season they are in is the Silly Season. Father says so."
"It's so lovely down here, and you're spoiling it all, Cyril, by arguing. I do think it would be nice," she added, glancing round, " to be an oyster and have a real pearl! I wished I possessed a real pearl! "
" Shut up," cried Cyril. But to his annoyance he found his sister already gone, and a stupid-looking, closed-up oyster in her place, out of which he could not get a glimmer of satisfaction.
" You have shut up and no mistake!" he said severely, " in the middle of a conversation too." However, she was soon at his side again, and looked very sorry.
" Well, what was it like ?" was his laconic wel≠come, accompanied by a glance of disapproval.
" Not at all nice. I didn't want to remainó
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