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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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although I possessed a magnificent pearl. I felt so horribly ill—as though I had some dreadful disease. What a life pearl-oysters must have if they feel like that!"
" I've heard pearls is a disease."
" Then how horrid of you to let me have it. You ought to have told me."
" How could I ? You were in such a hurry. I couldn't do anything. You were just the same over that wretched mole. I do wish you wouldn't go off like that again; you know you promised you wouldn't."
"I forgot. But it's the Wishes that go off so quick."
" I say ! Where was your bracelet, Dulcie, when you were an oyster ?"
" Don't know," she answered, pondering. " I 'spose it must have melted. Oh yes, of course I re­member—it had grown very small, and formed a sort of little boundary all round me inside my shell; it's here all right now. I can't think—let me see, what were we talking about before I went away ? There was something I was going to tell you. What were we talking about, Cyril ? "
" Sea-serpents."
" Oh yes. A Yell, I was going to tell you, there must be Sea-serpents, 'cos you remember it being in the papers and our seeing a picture of one."
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