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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" But that was all stuff and nonsense."
" No it wasn't."
"Well, look here, we'll soon find out, little Duffer. I wish I were a Sea-serpent!"
" I'm not a Duffer, after all," was Dulcie's first thought as Cyril vanished into what looked like the end of a wriggling tail—a tail so long that it stretched right out of view, and she realised this must be part of her own brother. It was slowly moving away.
" Don't go and leave me," she cried appealingly, clutching hold of the great scaly thing. But it moved quicker, dragging her along. So, in her anxiety she clambered on top of it, sat down, and found to her surprise that its undulating movement of progress formed a regular switchback, and that she was travel­ling along its back towards its head in a most pleasant and delightful manner.
" What a funny thing to happen!" And she laughed. " But whatever will occur when I get to the end ! And what yards and yards of him there seem to be ! "
All this she wondered and heaps more, till at last she saw the creature's huge neck looming high up in front of her; when she got there it stopped her pro­gress. It turned its head round—which resembled that of a giraffe—and its mild eyes looked kindly at her; and what was most comic, yet comforting, it wore a nose-ring of gold set with catseyes.
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