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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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sound of men's voices from above raised her ex­citement to fever pitch.
" Oh dear, oh dear! It must be the fisher people!" And the thought that the little swim­ming creatures darting about in terrified jerks would soon be motionless for ever, helped to in­crease her distress.
" Hold hard, Bill. Ain't it heavy !" said a gruff voice.
" My missus won't be sorry," answered his mate.
The net was actually being hauled up, and Dulcie, beating against it with her arms and struggling hard, was being hauled up with it.
Her sleeve had got rucked up—the catseyes glistened.
" I wish—oh what ? I can't think—to be some­thing very small indeed—oh quick ! "
No change occurred. She could now see the boat and the men's stooping figures.
" Oh please, I want to change—I want to be one of—no, I forgot, they can't get out either—I wish I were a—a-----"
" Holy St. Patrick ! "
" Bless me, what's that ?" exclaimed both men, glancing down at her.
" —A periwinkle ! " gasped Dulcie faintly.
The next second the little girl disappeared from their view and the fishermen rubbed their eyes and
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