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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Oh, please, please go away—oh do, please ! "
But the ugly Crab never lessened its pace one bit; it came nearer and nearer—so close that she could notice how it was shaking all over; and how repulsive—till—till she saw that it was wearing something glittering around its body—a band of gold with one last catseye and the others all gone. It must be Cyril. Why didn't he change ? Dulcie couldn't imagine. The creature stopped motionless, and tears were dropping from its ugly eyes.
" What can be wrong ?" cried Dulcie with a sob of horror and fear. Rut she conquered her fear now that she was persuaded it was Cyril, and she approached still closer. She stroked it— actually stroked it—and although it was just a great horrid Crab the expression it wore was heart­rending.
"It's the Wizard's trick!" she exclaimed sud­denly. " Poor Cyril's last catseye won't work!" She never thought how many she still had, for she was weeping bitterly over her brother in this dreadful guise, and she could hardly wonder what the end would be, if this indeed were not the horrible end of all.
" Oh, Cyril," she sobbed, addressing it. " Oh, Cyril, how dreadfully changed you are ! Who­ever heard of having a crab for one's brother
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