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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" Why did he do it ?" interrupted Dulcie inno­cently.
" Because he wanted to confuse me, and also to add one more to his dreadful Zoological Collection. Now replace the stone quickly and give me the sham one—for it belongs to the red-haired young lady, and is stolen property."
The child busily and anxiously obeyed her directions.
" Stolen property ? " repeated Dulcie in surprise.
But the Bird-Fairy had flown away and dis­appeared. The Crab had disappeared too. Cyril stood before her, white and trembling, and the next second his little sister was safe and snug in his arms.
For some time the Twins sat silent, huddled close together on the variegated carpet of clover, and cowslips, and poppies, and bluebells.
" That was awful!" exclaimed Dulcie at last. Cyril shivered.
" You saw the Bird-Fairy ; did you hear what she said ? "
" Yes, I understood what she said—I 'spose I understood 'cos she's a Fairy."
" Well, what do you think of it, Cyril ?"
" I dunno; floors me completely. All I know is that I shouldn't like to go through that scare again."
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