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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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" It was very kind of her, wasn't it ? " The boy nodded thoughtfully and answered— " Yes, and I wonder why she did it!" Now Dulcie thought of it, he looked quite dry. She felt his knees, according to her custom, after his being out in the rain—he certainly was quite dry. She said how surprised she was that he should be so.
" How did you manage it after being in the pool ? " she asked.
" It must be running in the sun," he explained. It had done the same for her, and her serge frock was none the worse for the sea water. By degrees they cheered up. They were so happy to be together again on that lovely Cliff, with the sea beyond sparkling so cheerfully in the bright light as though it wanted to share in their renewed gaiety.
" Cyril," said Dulcie, "I'm longing to hear what happened to you when we were parted so suddenly in the Ocean during that awful storm."
" All right," replied Cyril promptly. " When I looked round and found you were not on my serpentine back, I didn't know where I was when you went overboard, and therefore didn't know a bit where to search for you. I changed into a crab so as to move about in a small space and more easily for the purpose. I dodged the nets
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