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Tales Of Fun and Fancy By Mrs M.H.Spielmann.

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which were about—I had learned the lesson we saw given during those sports-----"
" I wish I had paid more attention," sighed Dulcie.
" And was washed ashore,'1 continued her brother, not heeding the interruption, " right into that pool where stones came whizzing around; it was rather beastly. I'm getting used to have stones shied at me, but that last one was the best aimed, and caught me a good crack on the back of my shell and nearly startled me out of it; it quite startled me out of the water. At the same moment I caught a glimpse of your hand­kerchief with the blue border, and of you racing off full pelt. I wished to change to myself— nothing happened. I couldn't make it out. I wished till I was red all over. Still nothing— nothing. Then I had an awful feeling that it was hopeless and I was in the Wizard's power."
" Poor Cyril! "
" Then I tore after you, shaking with fright as much as you were. I thought you were too fright­ened to look at me; and that you'd never do so and never recognise me."
" But I did ! "
" And you saved me, dear little Sis !" Cyril had grown quite pink in the face, and was trying to keep back unmanly tears.
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